Kingsbury Cable Co Player Piano Circa Early 1900s

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Classic self-playing piano from the 1920's (possibly earlier). In great condition for its age, a true piece of history. Can still play around 10 songs! Features newly restored stained-glass front. Made of solid wood and thick plywood with thick veneer. Has wear and tear in correlation to its age. The coin mechanism needs work, but you are able to get it going by starting it from inside. This piano plugs in to an electrical source and uses gears and air pressure to operate. The left side of keys (lower pitched) don't want to engage all the way and sound quiet, so the internal mechanism could use work to sync everything together to sound better. The internal mechanisms are a little loud in general and could use a tune up, but the music is still very audible. There is a chip in the plastic cover on the right side. Has cosmetic wear on the wood in correlation to its age. Would be a great project for a musically inclined / historically curious person.
Measures about 57" tall, 63" wide, and 27" deep.

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